Research in Paranoia, Schizophrenia, and Legal Issues Affecting Individuals with Mental Disabilities

Sponsor Deadline: 

Dec 31, 2021

Internal Deadline: 

Dec 17, 2021


Nellie Ball Trust Research Fund

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Research  in Paranoia, Schizophrenia, and Legal Issues Affecting Individuals with Mental Disabilities

Grant Proposal Information

Background:  MidWestOne Bank administers the Nellie Ball Trust Research Fund that was established by court order in 1977.  Under the terms of her Last Will and Testament, Nellie Ball bequeathed a substantial portion of her estate to fund research in the following three areas:

  • Paranoia
  • Schizophrenia
  • Legal issues affecting individuals with mental disabilities

The Trust has provided funding for a number of legal and medical research projects over the years, garnering national recognition for the Trust and the institutions involved.

A.  Funds available for research vary on an annual basis.

B.  The Trust Committee will review all grant proposals on an institution basis on behalf of the Nellie Ball Trust Research Fund.  The Committee reserves the right to withhold funding in any given year.

C.  All grants or awards shall be made to the institution, not an individual. If required by the applicant institution, indirect (administrative) costs, not exceeding 10% of the direct costs, may be allowed. The indirect costs must be a line item in the application.

D.  Awards will be announced by mail, and the Trust will fund the approved proposals within 30 days of the announcement.

E.  In all publications of research, treatises, theses, etc., appropriate credit is to be given to the Nellie Ball Trust Research Fund, MidWestOne Bank, Trustee.

F.  At the conclusion of a project, or at periodic intervals, if the project extends beyond a twelve-month period, grant recipients shall submit to the Trust Committee a non-technical summary of the project’s progress and its significance.

G.  Funds may be requested for support for a twelve-month period or a single project. Renewal applications for succeeding years will be accepted and considered in competition with new applicants.


A.   All grant proposals must include the following information:

  • Name of institution and researcher
  • Address and phone number
  • Project objective
  • Description of project and detailed budget
  • Proposed grant period
  • Proper certification if project involves animal or human subjects
  • Approval by the appropriate authority
  • The institution to whom the grant check is to be issued and to whom it should be mailed

B.  If a project involves the use of animal subjects, the institution must certify that the research will conform to the provisions of the Animal Welfare Act (PL 89-544 and PL 89-91) and such other regulations or laws as promulgated by the State of Iowa and/or the United States governments.

C.  Prior to checks being issued, grant recipients shall provide documentation that the project has the approval of The University of Iowa Institutional Review Board, or the equivalent.

The grant proposal should be submitted to:

The Nellie Ball Trust Research Fund
MidWestOne Bank - Trust Services 
P.O. Box 1700 
Iowa City, Iowa  52244-1700


Deadline:  Proposals must be submitted no later than December 31, 2021, for consideration by the Trust Committee in January 2022.

Internal Deadline: University of Iowa applicants are required to route external funding requests to the Division of Sponsored Programs DSP at least five business days prior to the sponsor deadline. Please route the application to DSP by 5:00 pm Friday, December 17, 2021. Contacts in DSP are Mary Blackwood  335-3968, and Tracy Titus  335-3202.

Questions?   Please contact Beth Legue, MidWestOne Bank VP & Trust Officer, at (319) 356-5945, or