Research Security Training for the US Research Community


National Science Fdn., NIH, DOD, DOE

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Research Security Training for the United States (U.S.) Research Community
NSF 22-576

With the goal of strengthening research security in the U.S., NSF is working in partnership with the Dept of Defense, the Dept of Energy and the National Institutes of Health to find a balanced approach to research security. This effort includes the development and implementation of training, to recipients of federal research funding, in best practices to optimize research security. This training is an essential step toward mitigating foreign government risks and threats to U.S. government-funded research and may be used to fulfill the research security program requirement in NSPM-33.

This solicitation will support the development of training modules (curriculum and technical solutions) to be made publicly available and which are designed to increase the security and integrity of U.S. federally funded research by providing a wider knowledge base on the application of research security measures in the proposal and award process. The goal of the training is to better protect U.S. research interests from both domestic and foreign risks and threats. Training modules proposed must be:

  • Internet-based and widely accessible to the end user; and
  • Scalable and flexible, designed to accommodate new modules that can be added as new training needs are identified among the partner federal agencies.

Each training module proposal must address ONE of the four topical areas identified in Section II Program Description. A proposer, however, is authorized to submit separate proposals for more than one topical area. There are no limits on the number of proposals per organization.
1. Why is research security an important issue?
2. What is a disclosure policy and how will it be used?
3. What actions can federally funded research recipients take to manage and mitigate risk?
4. Is international collaboration encouraged?