RFI - Data Science in Fundamental Naval Platform Hydrodynamics Research”

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Apr 21, 2023


Office of Naval Research

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Reference: N00014-23-RFI-0002
See documentation and the full Request For Information (RFI)

Data and observation have always been an integral part to improve our understanding of naval hydrodynamics. Model and full-scale data and high-quality simulation data not only can help us to understand the flow physics, but also guide us to build models that simulate the flow behavior. There is a need to conduct model and full-scale tests, and to collect and curate available data.

With the advancement of data science and data analytics, there is an opportunity for us to examine how data and data analytics can help us to enhance our understanding of basic research areas in naval platform hydrodynamics that are described below. Potential efforts may include (but are not limited to) collection of existing data, data curation, data fusion and data analytics combined with theory and reduced-order modeling and uncertainty quantification for the basic research areas described below.

Basic Research Area #1: Dynamics and stability of fluid-fluid and fluid-solid interfaces
Basic Research Area #2: Laminar-Turbulent Transition (LTT) in 3D boundary layers
Basic Research Area #3: Dynamic Stability and Nonlinear Fluid-Structure Interactions