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Rising Tide Foundation

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Rising Tide Foundation: Freedom in Practice program is interested in projects which go beyond theory, that apply these insights in the lives of real people and promote greater freedom and prosperity. Specifically, RTF seeks to find projects that:
 • Develop private sector solutions to societal problems
• Offer solutions to the problems created by government and crony capitalist interventions. Projects that offer strategies for making such interventions unnecessary and unattractive going forward
• Design and implement programs that enhance individuals’ capacities for self-determination, individual choice, and peaceful, voluntary cooperation in society
• Discover methods to teach freedom in more effective ways or to new, untapped audiences.

 Selection Process The application process starts with a Letter of Intent LOI.
 • Pre-grant Application Letters of Intent are submitted online via https://proposalcentral.altum.com/  and are assessed by internal staff and the Advisory Board for overall fit with our funding guidelines.