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Feb 1, 2023


Stand up to Cancer

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The Research Team represents an unprecedented opportunity to bring together the best scientific minds from diverse fields of research to concentrate on approaches that identify new and unexpected uses of Wee1 inhibition and lower the activation energy required to test new combinations in the clinic for the treatment of solid tumor and hematological cancers. Applications are encouraged from researchers who propose approaches supporting preclinical work on Wee1 which will lead to new ideas and understanding of the biology that will benefit the field in general. Collaborative multi-institution studies are required. A path to clinical trials should be considered although initiation of a clinical trial is not required during the span of the SU2C Catalyst grant. Proposals should show the potential for contributing to significant patient outcomes in solid tumor and hematological cancer treatment.

The Team will address key areas of Wee1 biology that should be explored and lead to new insights to better exploit Wee1 inhibition for clinical advances. Projects will be designed to accelerate the development of new treatments and combination therapies and to positively impact patients in the near future. Successful applications will assemble the most impactful multi-disciplinary teams focused on areas of strength along the spectrum of Wee1 biology in basic discovery and pre-clinical studies with the potential to lead to translational studies and clinical trials. Areas of interest are: patient-selection hypothesis, exploration of potential combinations, novel biomarker studies (response or resistance), contribution of replication stress, metabolism and chromatin dysregulation on ZN-c3 sensitivity, exploration of Wee1 mechanism of action and mechanisms of resistance. Fundamental work in immuno-oncology environment and tumor heterogeneity development in patient samples from an ongoing trial would be of interest, as well as investigating the immunomodulatory impact of Wee1. Proposed ideas should be based on perceived opportunities for success as well as high-priority areas with a critical patient need.

In conjunction with Zentalis Pharmaceuticals.