SU2C: Diversity In Early Development Community Engagement Grant Program

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Mar 24, 2023


Stand up to Cancer

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ABOUT THE COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT GRANT AWARD The Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) Diversity In Early Development Community Engagement Grants support grassroots level engagement to increase participation in early development clinical trials among minority and traditionally underrepresented populations. Two-year grants ranging from $50,000 to $100,000 will be Diversity In Early Development Community Engagement Grant Program awarded to organizations located in the communities where the SU2C Diversity in Early Development Teams are conducting their research – Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX, Los Angeles, CA and Philadelphia, PA. In doing so, community engagement grant recipients will support the program’s efforts to increase clinical trial participation in their respective communities. We are particularly interested in community engagement strategies and practices that can be replicated and sustained after the funding period has ended.

ABOUT THE SU2C DIVERSITY IN EARLY DEVELOPMENT TEAMS Through the Diversity in Early Development Clinical Trials Program, which is a part of SU2C’s Health Equity Initiative, research teams from Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and Philadelphia will bring together key stakeholders who are deeply connected to communities that are underrepresented in cancer clinical trials. By integrating social and behavioral determinants of health, community engagement and outreach, and cancer biology, prevention and treatment, the teams will address each of their local region’s needs while sharing lessons learned to ensure the broadest impact. SU2C will provide each team with dedicated support for community awareness and outreach to engage specific communities and the public in this critical effort.