Teagle Foundation Support for Liberal Arts Education - concept papers


Teagle Foundation

UI Contact: 

The Teagle Foundation  http://www.teaglefoundation.org/Grants-Initiatives/How-We-Grant/For-Grantseekers-(1)

NOTE: The Teagle Foundation does not award more than one active grant to an institution at a time. Potential applicants are advised to contact research administrators regarding their proposal.

The deadlines for concept paper submissions are:   March 1, August 1, December 1.
Teagle Foundation’s Major Initiatives:

  •  The Knowledge for Freedom initiative supports programs that invite underserved high school students to college to study humanity’s deepest questions about leading lives of purpose and civic responsibility.
  •  The Cornerstone: Learning for Living initiative co-sponsored with the National Endowment for the Humanities aims to revitalize the role of the humanities in general education and ensure that all college students are inspired by powerful works of literature and philosophy to lead more reflective lives. 
  •  The Education for American Civic Life initiative supports efforts to prepare students to become informed and engaged participants in the civic life of their local and national communities.  
  •  The Transfer Pathways to the Liberal Arts initiative co-sponsored with the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations aims to develop statewide, regional, and consortial academic partnerships between public two-year and private four-year colleges to facilitate transfer and completion of the baccalaureate in the liberal arts.