Templeton Core Areas: Science and the Big Questions - Laws and Structures of Nature; Nature of the Divine; Nature and Potential of the Mind; Life-Love-Virtue - LOI

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Aug 14, 2020

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Aug 14, 2020


John Templeton Foundation

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Templeton Core Areas: Science and the Big Questions - Fundamental Structures and Laws of Nature; The Nature of the Divine; The Nature and Potential of the Mind; Life, Love, and Virtue - online inquiry
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Science and the Big Questions: Laws of Nature; Nature of the Divine; Potential of the Mind; Religion and Spirituality: Love, Life & Virtue  https://www.templeton.org/funding-areas/science-big-questions   
Strategic Priorities:

  • The Black Hole Initiative;
  • Chance, Necessity, and the Origins of Life;
  • Automated Self-Control: The Neuropsychology of Developing Good Habits;
  • The Neurostimulation of Belief -The role of cognitive inhibition and the right inferior frontal gyrus in the endorsement of supernatural beliefs;
  • Philosophy, Theology, and Psychology of Christian Trust in God;
  • Project to Foster Intellectual Humility and Counter the Psychology of Tribalism.

Other Core Areas:

Character and Virtue Development  https://www.templeton.org/funding-areas/character-virtue-development

Exceptional Cognitive Talent and Genius  https://www.templeton.org/funding-areas/exceptional-cognitive-talent-dev...

Genetics  https://www.templeton.org/funding-areas/genetics

Individual Freedom and Free Markets   https://www.templeton.org/funding-areas/individual-freedom-free-markets

Voluntary Family Planning  https://www.templeton.org/funding-areas/voluntary-family-planning