UI OVPR: Discovery and Innovation Awards - nominations

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Feb 2, 2021


University of Iowa Office of the Vice President for Research

University of Iowa Office of the Vice President for Research: Recognizing Research and Innovation Excellence
Discovery and Innovation Awards

Nominations for the following University of Iowa awards are due Tuesday, February 2, 2021 
website:  https://research.uiowa.edu/office-vice-president-research/recognizing-research-and-innovation-excellence

Faculty Awards

  • Scholar of the Year
  • Early Career Scholar of the Year
  • Leadership in Research
  • Distinguished Achievement in Publicly Engaged Research
  • Distinguished Achievement in Arts and Humanities Research
  • Faculty Communicating Ideas Award
  • Advancing Understanding in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Award
  • ICRU Distinguished Mentor Award

Research Staff Awards

  • Distinguished Research Administrator Award
  • Distinguished Research Professional Award​​

Safety Awards

  • Innovation in Safety Award
  • Innovation in Safety Award (Student)

Postdoctoral Award

  • Postdoctoral Research Scholar/Fellow Excellence Award

Student Awards

  • Excellence in Undergraduate Research Awards
  • Graduate Research Excellence Awards