Universities Space Research Graduate Student Internship

Sponsor Deadline: 

Sep 10, 2021


Universities Space Research Assn. USRA


Research Area(s):
Astronomy and Astrophysics, Autonomous System, Biotechnology/Biosciences, Heliophysics, Human Factors, Human Systems Integration, Information Technology, Computer Science,  Materials Science and Nanotechnology, Quantum Computing, Systems Engineering

Positions Available: Two
Location: Pentagon, Washington D.C.  Applicants must be willing to relocate for this in-person internship.
MS or PhD candidate
Term: Spring 2022 (full time)
Deadline: September 10, 2021

This internship opportunity, "S&T Scouting for Future Force Capabilities," is for a Spring 2022 full-time internship from late January through May. The intern will support the DoD Joint Staff's efforts to develop a future joint concept, apply skills of scientific inquiry and investigation to ensure the concept's approach is informed by and grounded in principles of science. The desired candidate will have the capability to:

• Establish and maintain knowledge on issues associated with a broad range of natural and physical science matters associated with the adaptability and transition of advanced warfighting capabilities to the Joint Force.
• Furnish advice and consultation to the Future Technology Office (FTO) Director, and as required to Director, Joint Force Development office and Vice Directors, and to members of the Department of Defense (DOD) science and technology community on various Force Design and Force Development issues.
• Provide an understanding of critical science issues affecting short and long-term warfighting capabilities, the status of science and technology related projects and policies, directives of higher authority, and past results.
• Advise the FTO and Joint Force Development on relevant science and technology studies and work programs.

Applicants should be a physical scientist (MS or PhD candidate); excellent oral and written communication skills; ability to flex/adapt with change; ability to reach back into (cleared) network of scientists for consultations; desire to better understand how the US military operates and to contribute to helping with transition/introduction of emerging technologies. Applicants will be required to submit for a Top Secret security clearance.

Eligible candidates can apply through the 
Air Force Research Laboratory   https://afrlscholars.usra.edu/    AFRL Scholars Program application portal at https://afrlscholars.usra.edu/students/   

Point of Contact:
Melissa Corning, Intern Program Coordinator, (832) 986-7683, mcorning@usra.edu