U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Research and Development Grant

Sponsor Deadline: 

Apr 5, 2022

Internal Deadline: 

Mar 8, 2022


U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

UI Contact: 

This opportunity is limited to two applications per institution. 
Please refer to this link on the UIowa Limited Submissions process   https://uiowa.infoready4.com/#competitionDetail/1864602

Institutional representatives may submit an application(s) if the institution is a regionally accredited U.S. public or private institution of higher education, as defined in Section 102 of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (20 USC 1002). Affiliates that manage externally funded programs for Institutions of Higher Education are eligible to submit applications for this FOA on behalf of the institution; however, award funds are only provided to the institution’s project.

The program provides funding to support research and development (R&D) for nuclear science, engineering, technology, and related disciplines to develop a workforce capable of supporting the design, construction, operation, and regulation of nuclear facilities and the safe handling of nuclear materials. University R&D activities provide an opportunity complement current, ongoing NRC-led research.