USAID Development Innovation Ventures

Sponsor Deadline: 

Nov 2, 2017


Agency for International Development

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Development Innovation Ventures (DIV) supports the piloting and rigorous testing of innovative approaches to solving international development problems and supports transitioning those innovations with evidence of impact and cost-effectiveness to scale.
DIV’s aim is to create a portfolio of innovations across sectors that improves the lives of millions of the poor around the world, especially individuals in extreme poverty and other vulnerable groups. DIV funds innovations that target USAID’s Mission Statement. We define innovation broadly to include new technologies, new ways of delivering and/or financing goods and services, more cost-effective adaptations of existing solutions, new ways of increasing uptake of existing proven solutions, or policy changes/shifts/nudges based on insights from behavioral economics.
Innovation need not be technology-based. DIV assesses proposals according to its core principles: rigorous evidence of impact, cost-effectiveness, and viable pathways to scale.

Expression of Interest: All interested organizations must first submit an up to 8-page initial Expression of Interest (EOI). This is the first step in the application process. Interested organizations may download the EOI form at EOIs can be submitted any time to and will be reviewed on a rolling basis from to November 2, 2017​. If initial review indicates the EOI merits further consideration, selected organizations or consortia of organizations may be invited, individually or in combination, to the Due Diligence Stage