USAID Global Feed the Future Agricultural Biotechnology Program

Sponsor Deadline: 

Jan 17, 2020

Letter of Intent Deadline: 

Jan 17, 2020


Agency for International Development

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Global Feed the Future Agricultural Biotechnology Program
The purpose of this Addendum is to allow USAID/BFS/ARP to develop and implement a global program of agricultural biotechnology activities consistent with the purpose and objectives described in the overarching Agricultural Biotechnology APS, as well as the geographic and technical scope indicated in this Addendum. To accomplish this, the Addendum establishes a co-creation process whereby USAID seeks extensive communication with prospective partners in order to jointly explore and define key challenges and problems, identify new and existing solutions, build consensus around areas for action, and/or refine plans to move forward with programs, projects, and activities pertaining to agricultural biotechnology. 
Concept due Jan. 17, 2020.

Agricultural Biotechnology for Global Food Security
THERE IS NO FUNDING ASSOCIATED WITH THIS UMBRELLA APS, AND ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE DIRECTED TO SPECIFIC ADDENDA PUBLISHED TO THE AG BIOTECH APS. As such, specific eligibility criteria will be outlined in each individual Addendum, and eligibility criteria may differ between Addenda. Addenda under the AG BIOTECH APS may request Concept Notes/Full Applications (in cases where only a Full Application is requested) from any type of appropriate organization. In all cases, applicants should defer to the specific guidelines provided in the Ag BIOTECH APS Addendum/ Addenda of interest.
Closing Date  Nov. 20, 2020.