USDA Research on School Meals Projects in Africa

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Jan 15, 2021


USDA Foreign Agricultural Service

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USDA Research on School Meals Projects in Africa
 USDA Foreign Agricultural Service FAS  and USAID Agency for International Development - Africa Bureau

Research Question 1: What kinds of partnerships with the private sector and/or host country governments are the most effective at ensuring program sustainability? Among successful partnerships, who are the key players and what are their roles? In what contexts do private sector and/or government partnerships work best and which contexts may be more challenging?
Research Question 2: How do the impacts of local procurement models and other community and nationally sourced models compare with those that rely on international food sources related to farm productivity enhancement (including financial management, input efficiency, and profitability), employment, and agricultural markets?
Research Question 3: How do school meal interventions and the nutritional aspects of these meals in pre-schools and primary schools influence educational outcomes in students?