USGS Geological Survey Cooperative Research Units Program FY 2021

Sponsor Deadline: 

Jun 18, 2021


Interior Geological Survey, Fish and Wildlife Service FWS

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Cooperative Research Units Program FY 2021

Current Closing Date: June 18, 2021 (new or changes in scope of work or total estimated cost) August 6, 2021 (other changes not involving change to scope of work or total estimated cost)

Only CRU Cooperating Universities are eligible to apply to the RWO component of the Cooperative Research Unit Program. In Iowa: Iowa State University ISU
COOP Units

The Cooperative Research Units Program is a unique collaborative relationship between States, Universities, the Federal government and a non-profit organization. The program is comprised of 40 Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units on university campuses in 38 states.   The 40 units in the program are jointly supported by the US Geological Survey, Host Universities, State Natural Resource Agencies, Wildlife Management Institute, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The Cooperative Research Unit program was established in 1935 to enhance graduate education in fisheries and wildlife sciences and to facilitate research between natural resource agencies and universities on topics of mutual concern.