USGS National Ground-Water Monitoring Network

Sponsor Deadline: 

Jan 21, 2021


Interior Geological Survey

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2021 National-Ground Water Monitoring Network
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Eligibility:  Applicants can be state or local water-resource agencies which collect groundwater data. Federal agencies are not eligible to apply for NGWMN Cooperative Agreements funding. Funds from the projects cannot be distributed to Federal agencies to act as a contractor. Agencies that are partnering with the local USGS Water Science Center to collect water-level or water-quality data as part of a Cooperative Matching Funds project are considered current data providers and are eligible for funding under Objectives 3-6 to enhance the NGWMN. Discussion and coordination with USGS NGWMN staff are encouraged; however, USGS personnel are prohibited from helping an organization directly prepare its application for competitive funding.

The USGS is offering a two-year cooperative agreement opportunity to state and local water resource agencies that collect groundwater data to participate in the National Ground-Water Monitoring Network. This funding opportunity is to support data providers for the National Ground-Water Monitoring Network.