William T. Grant Scholars Program: Reducing Inequality & Improving the Use of Research Evidence

Sponsor Deadline: 

Jul 5, 2023


William T. Grant Foundation

UI Contact: 

William T. Grant Program Scholars  https://wtgrantfoundation.org/grants/william-t-grant-scholars-program

Application guide  https://wtgrantfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/2023-Applicatio...

William T. Grant Scholars program allows one nomination per college, i.e. College of Education, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, College of Nursing, College of Public Health, etc. Interested applicants must contact their collegiate Associate Dean for Research or Dean regarding their application as soon as possible. This is to ensure only one nomination is put forth per college.

NOTE: Mentor and reference letter deadline is June 14, 2023. Application deadline is July 5, 2023.